About Us

Kadant GranTek Inc. in Green Bay, Wisconsin a subsidiary of Kadant Inc., (NYSE – KAI) transforms papermaking waste products into several viable cellulose granular products used as carriers for pest control in crop protection, green space maintenance, as an all purpose industrial absorbent and as premium cat box fillers.

Our product brands include Biodac® dust free granular carrier, Gran-sorb® loose granular industrial absorbent and several private label cat litter products.

Kadant GranTek uses only post consumer recycled papermaking waste and transforms this waste material into several valuable commercial products.

Our emphasis on using post-consumer waste as our raw material source means less industrial incineration, reduced air contamination, and reduced industrial landfill all of which contribute to a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

All of our products are manufactured from waste by products of select paper mills.

By converting this waste stream into viable commercial products, we make a positive impact on the environment while providing safe and user-friendly biodegradable products.

In addition, we create no new waste in manufacturing our products, thus, keeping the earth greener and cleaner.

Kadant GranTek Inc.
607 Liberty Street
Green Bay, WI 54304 USA
Tel: +1-920-435-5200
Email: info@biodac.net  OR info@gran-sorb.net

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